Oasis is an international beer and soft drinks company
operating 6 breweries and soft drink plants in 5 countries


Oasis is a beer and soft drinks company founded in 2008 by an international group of experienced beverage industry entrepreneurs. The company seeks to quench consumers’ thirst for authentic and high quality beer and soft drink brands. Oasis is a leading independent brewer in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Russia, the No.1 juice producer in Belarus and owns a manufacturer of high end tea in Germany. In 2016 Oasis sold over 7 million hectolitres of beer and soft drinks.

Oasis Belarus

Soft drinks plant in Bobruysk, brewery in Brest


Oasis Belarus was started in 2008 in partnership with the International Finance Corporation.
The Company owns one juice and soft drinks plant in Bobruysk. Oasis Belarus has a near 30% share of the Belarus juice market.

Oasis Kazakhstan

Oasis Kazakhstan, Almaty


In 2011 Oasis acquired the First Brewery in Almaty - Kazakhstan's oldest brewery founded in 1858.
The brewery was fully modernized in 2013.
Oasis has a 14% share of the Almaty beer market and 30% share of the Kazakhstan energy drinks market.

Oasis Russia

Moscow Brewing Company, Moscow


Modern brewery started in Moscow in 2008.
Oasis has a 15% share of the Moscow beer market and its flagship brand is now the number one beer in Moscow.

Hanseatic Tea Germany

Althaus Tea, Germany


Hanseatic Tea manufacturers the high end Althaus tea brand in Bremen. Althaus Tea is now sold in 40 countries and is a top three premium tea brand in many key markets.

First Private Brewery

Persha Privatna Brovarnia (PPB)


In partnership with EBRD and Oettinger Brewery, Oasis invested in 2011 in PPB -
a leading Ukrainian independent brewer.
PPB was founded in 2004 in Lviv by local entrepreneur Andrei Macola.
PPB owns one brewery in Lviv and a second brewery in Radomysl, near Kiev.
The brewer has a 14% share of the Ukraine beer market and an 20% share of the Kiev beer market


Nicholas Henderson-Stewart

Chairman of the Oasis Board

Nicholas is a New Zealand national and graduated in 1996 from the London School of Economics.

He started his career as an analyst with Flemings investment bank.
In 2002 Nicholas joined Detroit Investments and served as its CEO from 2005 through 2010.
In 2010 Nicholas became CFO of Oasis. In 2014 Nicholas became Chairman of the Board of Oasis.

Alexander Lifshits

Chairman of the Moscow Brewing Company Board

Alexander Lifshits graduated in 1985 from Pavlodar Technological University.

In 1988, Alexander co-founded a commercial cooperative (supplier of power to key section of the Baikal-Amur Railway).
In 1994, he co-founded North Winds Brewing, a leading importer of beer and beverages to Russia.
In 1998 Alexander co-founded Ivan Taranov Breweries (ITB) and served as its CEO from 2002 through 2005.
Alexander has served as Chairman of the Moscow Brewing Company since 2010.

Oleg Skripko

Chairman of the Oasis CIS Board

Oleg is a Russian citizen and graduated from Tomsk University in 1985.

In 1990 Oleg co-founded and served as the production director of Diatex – a Kazakhstan company which manufactured video equipment under license from SHARP Corp. (Japan).
In 1995 Oleg became sales director of North Winds Beverages Russia.
Between 1998 and 2008 Oleg served as CEO and Chairman of the Board for North Winds Beverages Russia and North Winds Beverages Asia - leading importers of beer, soft drinks and water in Russia and Kazakhstan.
In 2008 Oleg became Chairman of the Board of Oasis Belarus.
Since 2010 Oleg has served as Chairman of the Board of Oasis CIS. In this capacity he oversees Oasis’ assets in Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.

Vladimir Zlobinsky

Oasis Head of Legal

Vladimir Zlobinsky is a US citizen and received both his Juris Doctor and Bachelor of Arts Degrees
from Columbia University in 1984 and 1981 respectively.

Vladimir served as counsel at Wachtel & Masyr, LLP in New York City from 1992 through 2004.
Starting in the year 2000 Vladimir has handled all major international transactions for North Winds, ITB,
Detroit Investments and related companies.
Joined the Group in 2005.


Oasis and Heineken expand their existing partnership to Belarus

June 2017

Oasis and Heineken have decided to expand their existing partnership in Ukraine and Kazakhstan to Belarus. Oasis will now take over ownership and management of the Heineken business in Belarus. Heineken will provide Oasis with a long term right to produce under license, import and distribute Heineken brands in Belarus and will continue to provide strong quality control and market support. Combining the businesses of Oasis and Heineken in Belarus will create a solid base to develop the business further. The agreement is pending regulatory approvals.

Krusovice - license production starts in Ukraine

May 2017

In May 2017 PPB began license production of the legendary Czech premium beer Krusovice.

PBR Video

May 2017

A video of a PBR event organised by Oasis Kazakhstan caused a sensation on social media and was viewed over 100million times.

Althaus Tea - now sold in 40 countries

April 2017

During the meeting of Althaus Tea shareholders, Ralf Janecki - the CEO of Althaus Tea, proudly announced Althaus products were now sold in 40 countries.

Oasis Belarus - relaunch of Bambolina baby food

May 2016

The Bambolina baby food was fully redesigned and relaunched with a number of original new recipes.

PPB begins license production of Heineken

November 2015

PPB started license production of Heineken. This is the first Heineken ever produced in Ukraine. Heineken is the ultimate international premium beer and Oasis is proud to represent this brand in Ukraine.

Oasis Belarus - new CEO

July 10th, 2015

Maxim Vinnik was appointed as CEO of Oasis Belarus. Maxim was a key member of Oasis’ management team in Ukraine where he led the company’s sales effort in the on-trade segment. Before joining Oasis, Maxim spent many years working for AB InBev in Ukraine. 

Moscow Brewing Company partners with Obolon

April 1st, 2015

Moscow Brewing Company started production under license of Obolon beer. Obolon is a very popular Ukrainian beer brand and until 2014 was the number 2 beer in Moscow.

Moscow Brewing Company signs with Spartak FC

November 15th, 2014

Moscow Brewing Company's legendary Moscow beer brand - Trekhgornoe became the official sponsor of Moscow's Spartak Football Club. Moscow Brewing Company is proud to support such an amazing team. 

Trekhgornoe's partnership with Spartak is "attractive because of the shared common ground between Trekhgornoe and Spartak; a long history, roots in the same Moscow neighbourhood - ‎Krasnaya Presnya, and both brands being true legends of the capital" Spartak FC. 

Eugene Kashper is to be replaced as Chairman by Nicholas Henderson-Stewart

October 23, 2014

Eugene Kashper will be replaced as Chairman of the Oasis Board of Directors. From November 1, current Oasis CFO and longtime Board Member Nicholas Henderson-Stewart will take over the position. Eugene resigned from his position as Oasis Chairman to become CEO of Pabst Brewing Company – the third largest US brewer.

Nicholas stated "I would like to thank Eugene for his efforts over the past 6 years – I have very much enjoyed working with him to build the Oasis business and wish him well in his new endeavor in the United States.".

Eugene stated "I am very confident in Nick's abilities to drive the Oasis business forward and fully expect the company to reach new heights in the coming years. "